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Daisy Hill Football Club: Charity Promo Video

For this video, we recently filmed and edited a Charity event for Daisy Hill Football Club. For this amazing event, the community gathered together to raise funds for Backup North West, Urban Outreach Bolton, Fort Alice, HBS and The Octagon Theatre.

Sponsors include: Carrs Pasties, Title Productions, Straight Line Communications, Emma Lori Travel and Farrell Heyworth Sales & Lettings. 

Allman Builders: Business Story

A short video that gives an insight into Allman Builders Limited. Roy Allman gives the background of himself and the company, the journey of the company and what is involved through the process of working with clients.

Leighmans: Promotional Video

This video is Darren Leighmans discussing why he supports the charity Speed of Sight, and how he raises money to contribute to the charity.

Stewart Milne Homes: Promotional Video

Allman Builders Ltd: Mona's Reveal

Mona 's house has been transformed by the Allman Builders crew, and she finally gets to see what changes have been made to fit her needs.

A promotional video for Stewart Milne Homes. The video outlines how social distancing is maintained and how showrooms are cleaned regularly, to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Delicious Catering: Promotional Video

Offering expert catering services for several different occasions, Delicious Catering certainly know how to provide a high standard of service with excellent food. This promotional video we produced for them showcases what they do best and captures the high-quality nature of their dishes. We also incorporated a voice-over, allowing for greater description of what value Delicious Catering can bring to their customers.

Bespoke Landscapes Ltd: Meet the Team

We shot this short video for Bespoke Landscapes to introduce their team to a prospective audience. The video provided the perfect opportunity for potential Bespoke clients to see who they were dealing with prior to finalising an agreement with the company. A ‘Meet the Team’ video is a great way to show the personality of your business and put a trusting, welcoming face to your company’s brand.

Bespoke Landscapes Ltd: Promotional Video

During this promotional video for Bespoke Landscapes, we filmed over a 5-week period to show the progression of one of Bespokes’ landscaping projects. Layering a voice-over explanation with footage of the crew hard at work, we were able to show the audience exactly what to expect from Bespoke. Seeing the progress of a project from start to finish is an incredible tool that provides a proof of concept for your business and let's the viewers visualize the amazing service you can provide.

AM Decorating: Promotional Video

AM Decorating was founded 5 years ago by owner Andrzej Makowski who has over 20 years experience in painting and decorating. Customers expect a high standard of work, and this is what they deliver.

Delicious Catering: Promotional Video

Our team is dedicated to giving our clients what they want. In this testimonial, Wendy from Delicious Catering in Bury proves that what we offer our clients is guaranteed success. Her kind words discussing our process, and the effect the promo video had on her business encapsulates everything we can offer our clients.


Delicious Catering has been in business for 10 years, they use all local produce and everything is homemade.

Olympus Fish & Chips: Promotional Video

First opened in 1987, Olympus Fish and Chips in Bolton has gone on to become a reputable pillar of Bolton’s culinary options. Since a refurbishment in 2010, Olympus has upgraded its restaurant facilities and expanded its menu. This video a short promotional video we made on behalf of the management on which we spent a few hours filming the day to day activities of the restaurant and takeaway, capturing the wide range of high-quality products that they offer.

BNI Weavers: Promotional Video

"Changing The Way The World Does Business" This promotional video gives an insight into how BNI Weavers operates and what they offer. BNI Weavers operates in 74 countries, over 8,000 chapters and over 24,000 members.

BNI Manchester North: Promotional Video

This corporate video gives an insight into how BNI Manchester operates, what's involved and who the members are. This video gives an insight into how BNI Weavers operates and what they offer. BNI Weavers operates in 74 countries, over 8,000 chapters and over 24,000 members.

NHS Bolton: Promotional Video

A short film raising awareness for male domestic violence and abuse.

PharmaFitness: Promotional Video

Filming in an environment familiar to Pharma Fitness customers, we created a promotional video for them that really resonates with their target audience and has attracted the right clientele to their growing brand.

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