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Best Free Video Production Softwares to Download Today

Video production is essential for many businesses, so much so that entire industries revolve around the practice! As a specialist and very marketable skill, film production as a pasttime has skyrocketed in popularity. Professional video and audio production software and hardware like cameras and accessories can rack up pricetags of thousands of pounds, but you don’t need huge investments to get started! Here are the best softwares that you can download today for free:

Video editting:

Best for beginners: Avidemux

Avidemux presents a simple graphical interface perfect for beginners in video production and allows users to perform basic photo and video editting from cropping and transforming to filters, encoding, and basic audio clipping. Avidemux supports a host of file types, and allows for automation of some tasks. It does not boast an extensive list of features, but if you’re just looking to find your feet and give it a try, Avidemux could be perfect for you! This perfect beginner’s software is open-source, so can be installed and used on a Windows or Linux PC, or an Apple Mac!

Better for professionals: Blender

Blender is one of the best video editting softwares available for free. The program was designed as a suite for editting 3D animations, but also includes excellent video editting! Blender offers everything that Avidemux does, with a whole lot more included too. Blender includes a full audio mixer capable of scrubbing and waveform visualisation effects, it also has up to 32 slots for laying video effects. Blender boasts some more technical features like luminance waveform and histogram displays! Blender is a complex piece of software better suited to professionals and experts, but it is completely free for anybody to try!

Audio editting: Audacity

Audacity is an open source, cross-platform software package available for Windows, iMac, Linux, and other operating systems. Audacity is one of the most popular audio editting programmes on the market, due to its clean interface and many functions! Audacity can be used to perform basic audio recording and editting for both live and playback recordings, convert old tapes or LP records into digital recordings, and limitless combinations of effects from splicing sounds together to changing their pitch and tempo. Due to its open source nature, you can also use a program called Nyquist to code your own effects for use in Audacity!

Whether a brand-new beginner or a well-established industry professional, the above softwares provide a completely free service with a professional result. If you’re looking to start video production, filmmaking, or video/audio editting, these free softwares allow you to gain hands-on experience for free!