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How To Adapt Your Marketing Strategy During Coronavirus

In a time of mass turmoil, job losses, and vast uncertainty, people across the UK can be forgiven for having a slightly bleak outlook on their professional lives at the moment. COVID-19 has ripped up our usual way of living and ushered in a ‘new normal’: a world where we spend more time at home, more time online, and less time trading face to face with others. For many companies, adapting to this has been a challenge and one which has caused severe stress on multiple industries across the UK.

But despite probably the most turbulent time of any of our lives, you can still come out of 2020 in great shape - but only if you are willing to adapt. Businesses face challenges constantly and adapting to them is what separates the men from the boys. The challenge of a global pandemic is not something which many are accustomed to, but as we progress into the seventh month of the virus’s life there are some marketing tips which you could be doing to help stabilise and grow your company.

In the past few months, one in five small businesses have adopted new technologies due to the rapid increase in online activity during lockdown. The average adult spends over 4 hours a day online nowadays and one in three now watch online video more than traditional TV. Because people are spending massive amounts of time browsing the web, perfecting your online marketing strategy whilst involving fresh concepts is crucial.

The need to do this is even more pressing when you consider the fact that 60% of UK consumers admit to purchasing online more during lockdown. The longer lockdown goes on, the more entrenched these behaviours will become meaning some markets and industries will see almost all of their trade move permanently online. With a gigantic online market, your public strategy must be able to grab the attention of potential consumers and we believe that incorporating video is a great way of achieving this.