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The Story of Your Business

When assessing your business, ask yourself this: How do people know who you are if you aren’t there to tell them? How can they separate you from another faceless online entity? And what is it about your business that can turn an outside visitor into a future customer?

In today’s market, most businesses struggle against a tidal wave of competition. There are hundreds of options for consumers to choose from all at the touch of a finger. Whether that competition comes from the local area that you work, or online, you need something to make you stand out. With online video now accounting for 80% of consumer internet use, it has never been clearer that video marketing is the best way to grab the attention of potential clients in your industry.

One form of video production which is an extremely effective form of marketing, is to produce a ‘Story of your Business’ video. Although not a big-budget motion picture, this video is going to act like a short film that tells an engaging story. It will open the narrative of your company, tell the journey you have been on, and set a path of where you hope to go in the future. This video will focus on the character of the business, defining how people perceive you whilst highlighting the value you can add to their personal life and their business.

It has been proven that consumers are more than twice as likely to buy from people that they know, they like, and they trust. And 62% of them would stay loyal and vouch for a company they have faith in during times of adversity, proving how important trust is in the buyer-to-seller dynamic. Usually, to develop this relationship with a potential customer you need to engage with them face to face or hire a sales rep to visit them and keep the relationship going. This takes time and isn’t always on the forefront of your mind, however, with a ‘Story of your Business’ video, you can provide this service without having to lift a finger! Taking the time to produce this one video is like hiring a salesman who can work 24/7 - and it would be a lot cheaper too!

The key benefit from obtaining one of these videos is that it sets you apart from your competition; it provides a connection between you and the viewer than not many other businesses can offer. The video can achieve this in the following ways: