Delicious Catering.

When Delicious Catering reached out to us to produce a promotional video, we proposed a laid-back, friendly yet professional approach to showcase the personality of the brand. It was a quick turnaround and we delivered from script to delivery within two weeks.

We also advised to Wendy that recreating the main video into shorter motion graphics videos for social media would really enhance their online presence and explain what they do in a fun and visually appealing way! 

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Watch the Videos

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Overview Of The Company

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Social Media Video 1

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Social Media Video 2

Warts and all.

Interested in listening to the full audio clip and hearing the parts that didn't make it in to the final cut of the video?

No editing, no fancy transitions, just real, honest answers from a real, honest conversation between our Director Nicolay and Wendy Wray, owner of Delicious Catering.